Nonprofit pricing (free account) and notifications

I’m working on a site for a nonprofit, and while brand new to netlify and jekyll, I feel very successful ( is hosted for free.

Now I am trying to explain to other (far less technical) nonprofit board members how to edit the site. I would like to show them how to create a branch and publish a deploy preview. But I don’t want to make them login to netlify.

It occurs to me that I could create a google group (with an email, like “”) and send deploy notifications there, so board members could figure out how to view deploy preview.

But such notifications are a paid feature.

Could we request this as part of free nonprofit account?

Or, even better, could we put a badge on the branch, which links to the deploy preview?

Whether the answer is yes or no, I am grateful for the amazing capability that Netlify has provided to my nonprofit.

Hello, we don’t have a special plan for non-profit companies, only one for open-source projects. Let me know if you have any questions.