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Non www redirect to www not seeming to work


Recently built my landing page for a site I’ll be developing. I bought the domain through domain.com and now using Netlify for hosting. I can’t get the site to show up or redirect without using www. I’ve looked through some troubleshooting articles, but can’t decipher what the issue is.

  • gracious-engelbart-57b79d.netlify.app
  • I have a custom domain www.movienotch.com through domain.com. I have the A and CNAME’s setup from the walkthroughs and there aren’t any errors thrown in the Netlify dashboard. When typing in he non-www site name into browser, I either get some weird not secure parked looking site, or NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID error, or site under development blank screen. The SSL certificate in settings seems to be active. the full www site name works correctly to my landing page.
  • Wasn’t fully sure on these setup steps, maybe that impacted something?
    Repository - github.com/scotto1206/Movie_Notch

Base directory - Not set

Build command - Not set

Publish directory - Not set

Builds - Active

You’ve an extra A record that’s pointing elsewhere:

Thus, the SSL for apex domain has not been provisioned because of which you get the error you mentioned.

Ok, makes sense because in my Domain.com dashboard there are a lot of A records (@, pop,ftp,imapmx) pointing towards that IP which I would assume is something to do with the domain registration website, that are in there that I guess were pre-setup. Would I just delete the ones that aren’t associated with Netlify, or could that create more havoc, or just the A @ record?

Appreciate the help, really!

That would be a requirement if you were to host your website on Netlify. As to if those records are critical, you should confirm with domain.com.