Non www domain error in domain configuration


I’m having a bit of trouble configuring the non www domain in Netlify for my site The netlify site is

I have created an A record at my external domain name provider (Namecheap if it helps?) but I still get the Check DNS Configuration Error. I have also tried an ALIAS record and run into the same problem

Please let me know if this is because I have misconfigured something in Netlify, I have been struggling on this for a few days now

Thank you

@EthicalEducation Welcome to the Netlify community.

There’s something unusual about the A record entry. It’s not showing up on dig, for example. As a result, none of the other calls to your apex domain are working correctly, either. (The Netlify load balancer IP address is, in case you need that info.)

Your CNAME record is set up correctly, which is why your www subdomain is resolving.

Because your DNS is with NameCheap, you need to start your investigation there. Maybe delete and re-enter your A record. If that fails, get NameCheap support involved.