Non-profit custom domain/DNS issue

Netlify app:
Custom domain:

72 hours ago we had our sponsor update the DNS settings for so that it points to our Netlify app, however the propagation has yet to complete and we still get the “ doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify” error.

I asked the sponsor today to confirm the CNAME record that was created and they returned with this:

They also sent me screenshots displaying our Netlify app in the browser under This however isn’t the case for me, the rest of our team, or any other person I’ve had check; we are still seeing our old Wix based application. This makes sense as curl and both show that the domain is pointing to Wix’s server(s):

I truly believe the issue stems from our sponsor’s configuration, but I am stuck between not being granted access to confirm the DNS settings, and a sponsor that thinks the issue is with Netlify. Any other info or a possible fix I can bring to the table to help resolve this?

Thanks in advance,


Hey! That’s right, the site is still served by Pepyaka/1.19.0 and, therefore, not served by us. You’ll want to couple-check that the DNS changes have been made. It may take longer to propagate, depending on the provider.