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No site thumbnail images


I noticed the thumbnail images in the ‘Sites’ page are no longer working. They all show the smiling face fallback image. There is one site showing the thumbnail image properly on page load, but disappears after a short while.

How do I get the site thumbnail images back?

Thank you.

I have the same issue

hi there,

Can you both tell us the netlify sites where thumbnails aren’t being generated? that’ll help us investigate. thanks.

hi again, screenshots are indeed broken at the moment! thanks for reporting. We have filed a bug, and we’ll let you know when we anticipate a fix.

It’s me again! We identified the issue and rolled out a fix. Sometimes we get to be quick like this and it is very satisfying. Your screenshots should be working again now :partying_face:

Hi @perry it’s still not working for me.

hey there, can you tell me which site or team this is for so i can take a closer look?

Hi all. Is there any progress with your issue.
On my account from time to time I got smily face, but most of the time its thumbnail that look like with incorrectly/or missing CSS on my Hugo website, despite that site look fine.

idarek, if you have a netlify site name or API id we can look up, we can check to see why you aren’t seeing screenshots. thanks!

Hi Perry
Site name is dariusz.Wieckiewicz.org

Thank you

hi, do you mind telling me the netlify site name or API ID (is safe to share) - that is faster than trying to figure this out from the custom domain :slight_smile: thanks!

Site name: idarek
API ID: 5cfb7e89-99d0-4bce-a8d8-1ac0b5cbd045

hmm, maybe it was a temporary blip?

i can see your site thumbnail is being generated:

My thumbnail is generated but is totally incorrect as is generated without CSS, that’s my issue mainly.

ah, I see. The thumbnail generator runs occasionally and snapshots what it finds when it finds it - looks like it grabbed a screenshot at an awkward time :expressionless: I can make a note of this, but I doubt there will be anything we can do to influence it’s behaviour in the near future. Sorry, I wish i had better news for you!

But that arise other question, like looking in (one before live) preview on one build before you will see that CSS is not loaded, despite that is linked ok.

That show that your Thumbnail generator blocking resources if they are not in netlify.app domain.

thanks for letting us know! i will make a note of it :smiley:

Hi @perry I am encountering the same problem the thumbnail suddenly changed into this smilling icon. Thank you!

here’s the API ID: 68857e0c-2ca7-401f-bb98-f91c298a3060

Hi, @krizza. The site with that API ID was deleted 6 minutes after this post above was made.

The usual solution for the issue is to deploy again. Each new deploy should update the screenshot.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

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Hi @luke I forgot to remove my comment, yep I redeployed the site and it work hehe thanks though :pray::blush: