No Link in verification email

I tried to sign up for the free tier of Netlify and I was sent an email asking to verify my email address.
however there was no link in the email, so I don’t know how to verify my email with the system.

Hello @GeorgeSWT - Welcome to our community! Our apologies on the verify button/link not working. We are looking into this now and will report back once we have more information. Thanks!

Hello again @GeorgeSWT - We identified the issue with the verification email. You can attempt to sign up again and our system will send you another verification email with a working “Verify Email” button.

What happened originally is that there is an extra s in the embedded URL link that went out with the email you received. You could essentially remove the extra s after the https in the URL and it should function - however, if you would rather just start all over, that will be just fine as well.

If you encounter any other issues with the verification email, please do update this thread. Thanks!

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