No entries in dev branch but seems to work in local


I have implemented Netlify CMS on my site in Hugo, it works very well for blog posts. I’m trying to include the authors (so I can link them to the blog posts) but now I have a problem. Locally I can see my collection but when I push in dev it tells me “no entries”.


  name: git-gateway
  branch: blog

media_folder: static/assets/images/upload
public_folder: /images/upload
local_backend: true

  - name: "team"
    label: "Team"
      - name: "members"
        label: "Members"
        file: "content/fr/team.yml"
          - name: "member"
            label: "Member"
            widget: list
              - {label: "Prénom Nom", name: "name", widget: "string"}
              - {label: "Poste", name: "job", widget: "string"}
              - {label: "Linkedin", name: "linkedin", widget: "string"}
              - {label: "Twitter", name: "twitter", widget: "string"}


- name: "Tim Berners-lee"
  job: Chief
  linkedin: ""
  twitter: ""  
- name: "John Doe"
  job: Consultant
  linkedin: ""
  twitter: "" 

Dev branch :

Local :

Mmmh I just saw this in the console
Capture d’écran 2022-03-04 à 12.30.47

So if it can’t find the .yml it is normal that it displays “no entries”. On the other hand the path is strange. In config.yml I indicate data/fr/team.yml but it converts to content/fr/team.yml. Why does it do this?

Oh… my bad i wrote “content” instead of “data”… Silly me…

sorry about the monologue

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Hey there, @Oli78 :wave:

Thanks so much for updating the thread as you worked through this issue. This will be beneficial to future Forums members who encounter something similar, so we really appreciate it.

Happy building :netliconfetti: