No button to Add Custom Domain

Hi, there is no button to Add Custom Domain (Only Add Domain Alias) under my Custom Domains section. How can i fix it? I want to add a subdomains to my existing domain.

Thank you,

hmm, that sounds strange. Could you pop a screenshot, please?


aha! it’s because we consider to be the custom domain for this site.

Were you hoping to register a different custom domain and also point it toward this site? If yes, then you’d do that by creating an alias.

In that case, how can i create the subdomains and add relevant IPs for those sub-domains -> -> ->

you wouldn’t be able to create subdomains in that pattern, but you would be able to create them with a dot:

A hyphen would just be part of a separate apex domain that would have no connection to

You can read more here:

thank you. However, how can i locate “Add custom domain” to add the suggested subdomains as above?

you are able to add the subdomains to the custom domain by clicking “add alias”

You will then have to add a redirect to your site so that visitors are redirected to the correct content when they access your subdomain.