No Apollo v3 network queries on production build


My site at is building and deploying without errors and is live. The site is built with CRA using a WordPress install as the data source and Apollo v3 for GraphQL queries.

As you can see if you visit the url, on the production build there are no Apollo network queries at all in the Network tab and thus no data — it is as if Apollo does not exist in the build. Everything on the site that requires data is empty. Whamp whomp.

Everything works locally even when I switch to the live data source site. I’ve double checked my environment variables and I can see those in the build logs - everything looks correct. Since there are no build or deployment errors, I don’t know what else to look for.

This seemingly has to be something simple…what am I missing here?


Hi, @studiobio. The site is working when I test. Did you resolve the issue already? If so, would you be willing to please share the solution?

If it is not resolve, would you please explain exactly what to look for? How do we reproduce the issue you are seeing?