NFT mint Dapp error 404

(ill be setting up a custom domain once get the site functioning live, im just doing this for testing right now)
heard great things about netifly lol

managed to get site to build properly by changing the node version to match my projects however now thats it live it returns error 404 when i navigate to it.

i commit my project to git barebones in that there are no subfolders. it simply pushed the projects folders as is. ill attach a screenshot of my git structure

idk if i need to specify where the index.html is or if i need to be pushing the build folder also(didnt need to do this for vercel awhile back)

@pulsenauts As you’ve guessed, you need to specify some Basic build settings

What you’ve done currently is deploy your source files, as shown by the following files existing:


You probably want something like:

Base directory
(empty as the default is the root of your repository)

Build command
CI= npm run build

Publish directory

alright thank you. got it working went ahead and took site down though as was for testing purposes lol

gad to hear you got it working