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NextJs Service limitaions

Hi, since NextJS Has to Process pages and they are not static are there any limitations on the free plan?
or it’s just the Bandwidth Limit?

Hi @armin_malek,

Since NextJS needs to use Netlify Functions to render the website on server-side, it also counts against the Function Invocation limit. Each month, you get 125k function invocations for free, so if you don’t use Netlify Functions for anything else, you can expect that you’d get 125k page views for free every month (considering each page including the home page needs tone rendered by the functions).

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There’s some additional info to add here:

NextJS only uses functions for so-called SSR pages. It will also render a bunch of stuff statically that will not be served from functions.

If it’s possible, I’d recommend moving more to static pages or using ODBs (On-demand Builders | Netlify Docs) with NextJS: How to use Distributed Persistent Rendering in Nextjs with Netlify - DEV Community