NextJS Extremely Slow Loadtime for all requests

Im having quite some trouble to find where the issue is exactly. It takes 5-15 secs to response for all pages. The app uses SSR but that shouldnt be the issue/

  1. I do not have large files.
  2. It uses a external db server but thats located in the same region (aws us-east-1). I checked it using logs, it doesn’t spend more then 200/300 ms to connect and query.
  3. Works fine locally with netlify dev and next dev and next start

I tried deploying the raw GitHub - cassidoo/next-netlify-starter: A one-click starter project for Next and Netlify and that works fine.

But my app is no much different than this starter. No next config other than target: ‘serverless’, no netlify config other than build command.


hi there @Ale ,

i also see what you are seeing! how very odd.

Could you capture a HAR file for us so we can take a closer look?