Nextjs constant loading


I have deployed a Nextjs project I’ve been working on but I have ran into an issue.
This project is using next-auth for authentication and I am able to signin but right when I enter it starts running a loop of reloads. I can see the correct page I’m suppose to but it keeps reloading with this url …/auth/signin?callbackUrl=%2F. Locally and deployed on my raspberry pi runs perfectly so it makes me think its a problem with the way netlify runs the project.

Any help would be great!

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If you’re using Next 14, a lot of things are currently broken which would likely be fixed by next week with the release candidate v5 of Next.js Runtime.

Yeah, I’m using 14.1.0.
Is there a place to look for that update to be out?
Thank you for the help!

It will be announced across various platforms like your blog and most likely through in-app notification as well.