NextJS Blog Template - Can't login


I just cloned the NextJS Blog template and it’s deployed here. Once it was deployed, I got the email to set up the user, clicked it and got redirected to the site, but nothing happened. I have a user with my email on Netlify Identity, but even if I send another email to reset my password, it doesn’t do anything. It also means that when I go to, I can’t login as no password was set.

Seems you don’t have the netlify-identity-widget linked on your main page, which is how you get the links in invites to work:

If you don’t want to do that, you could change the link in the invitation email to include /admin/ before clicking, as the widget is already included on that page.

I see. I figured this was included in the template as it seems like a pretty crucial component to get it up and running. Should it not be or am I missing something in the intention to not use it?