Nextjs blank homepage

So I recently deployed my nextjs app on netlify and everything went well except for the fact that when I navigate to the base url of my website, instead of the homepage being displayed I just get a blank screen. if I navigate to specific pages of my site they load completely fine, and I can navigate to the home page from there, but no matter how many times I type in the base link or refresh it still shows up completely blank without rendering anything.

update: I have now tried moving the contents of my home page from index.js to home.js, and just redirecting to from there. index.js now redirects to home.js, but still doesn’t render and leaves me at a blank page when navigating to I also tried adding redirects in the proper format via next.config.json, _redirects, and netlify.toml, but in all three cases once the changes were deployed my base url still just showed a blank screen and didn’t redirect anywhere.

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Next.js builds the index.html for you during the next build process. However, the contents of the public directory are copied after the site has finished building. So, it can sometimes gets overwritten and causes issues with a blank page. Have you tried removing index.html at public folder

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I tried this but the blank page remained and for some reason all the css on the site stopped working? not sure why it would change the css but regardless it did nothing to fix the blank page and I reverted the changes to go back to working css on the pages of my site that do load correctly.

can you share your site name and repo?

after trying pretty much everything to resolve the issue I deployed my repo on Vercel and immediately the blank page and redirect issues ceased altogether so I have just switched my domain to them, thanks for the help anyway

Hey, i’ve got the exact same issue as @nayatrov and i don’t want to switch to vercel or any other platform so is there any other way to fix it.

Can you share your site/slug and repo please?