Next JS next/link production links break when using browser back button on Mac/iOS

Site Name: manifestorretreat, deployed at

I’m using Next JS 14 to make a static site, very basic at Using next/link for the links and I’ve come across an oddly specific problem.

When I click a link (for example “Topics” in the menu) and use the browser ‘back’ button, the link is then broken. Other links still work, and this problem only occurs on Mac and iOS on the production site. I’ve tested my local dev site on my iPhone and it works fine, but the production site doesn’t.

If I go bananas and spam click the broken link, the app eventually crashes with a React error code 482, Minified React error #482 – React

“async/await is not yet supported in Client Components, only Server Components. This error is often caused by accidentally adding 'use client' to a module that was originally written for the server.”

Problem is I’m not using any client modules or components, it’s just basic Next JSX with Link from ‘next/link’ and Image from ‘next/image’.

The site is deployed on Netlify and I expect the browser back button to not break links even on Apple products.

I tried disabling minification in next config but still get the same error.

The Github repo is public at GitHub - ChristianBlom84/manifestor-retreat: A static website for a Manifestor Retreat made using Next JS with Tailwind..

I’ve published the site on Vercel at and the back button+link works fine, so I assume it’s a Netlify-specific issue.

Potentially related: Netlify - Next.js - Link #

It’s not the same issue, aside from Netlify having problems with NextJS links and the project working fine on Vercel.

I don’t want to use regular anchor-tags, since that removes a big part of the upside of an SPA.

This will then be fixed in the upcoming updates just like the other issue.

Any ETA on a fix? If the answer is simply “it’s broken” then I’ll have to move the site to Vercel.

Feel free to try using Next.js Runvime v5: @netlify/plugin-nextjs - npm (