Next.js Deployment Not Showing on GitHub Deployments Page

I have deployed my Next.js application at using Netlify. The deployment appears to be successful and the site is accessible. However, I noticed that this deployment is not showing up on the GitHub deployments page for my repository, which is crucial for our workflow and tracking purposes.

Here are the details:

Netlify Site URL:
GitHub Repository: GitHub - codeinblogs-as/CodeINBlogs-2024: CodeINBlogs - The Fastest Growing Developers Community

I’ve ensured that the repository and Netlify account are properly connected, and I followed all the standard deployment steps provided in the documentation. Despite this, the deployment information is missing on the GitHub deployments page.

Could you please help me understand why this is happening and how I can resolve this issue? Any guidance or troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated.

hi @anshulsoni2010

Are you referring to Github’s ‘Deployment’ page like the example in this screenshot?

If so, the Netlify GitHub plugin doesn’t update that portion of a repo. If you check our GitHub app’s permissions, you’ll see we don’t have permission to update a repository’s deployments page.

That said, our GitHub integration is capable of linking to deploy previews in the comments of pull requests. We go into more detail about that in this kb article:

Hope that helps!

already configured

Repo - GitHub - codeinblogs-as/CodeINBlogs-2024

Yes, PR comments for deploy previews are enabled by default.
There isn’t a way to post an update to the deployments page using our GitHub integration.

Then how I can get update of deployment ? @rcmaples

Doesn’t this page give you what you need:

If not, what exactly are you looking for?

I tested Vercel quickly (exceptionally! :yum:) and got this on this GithHub repo homepage right menu (‘Deployments’ section):

I can’t get the same when I use Netlify and I don’t understand why. It’s kind of important because people can see that the current source code of a given project ‘matches’ the deployed web app, making it easier for non-tech people to verify in one look and improve readability and transparency.

Yes it displays pretty nicely in PRs (notifications like this one for example), but it would be nice to have it even more visible on the repo homepage.

We currently don’t have that feature. We can file a request, though we won’t expect any immediate changes here.

As for:

It’s kind of important because people can see that the current source code of a given project ‘matches’ the deployed web app

I guess having a link in the description or readme would be more useful than that deployments link if that’s the only goal.