Next Export Is Broken / Doesn't Work With GH Pages?

I built a website with next.js that works locally (code: GitHub - xpress-smoke-shop/website: yerr).

I am now trying to deploy a static html version of the site to the domain:

I can clone the repo and run these commands:

nvm use
yarn install
yarn build
yarn export
yarn deploy-gh

And I have changed the next.config.js file to reflect the repository that I’m using:

/* eslint-disable import/no-extraneous-dependencies */
const withBundleAnalyzer = require('@next/bundle-analyzer')({
  enabled: process.env.ANALYZE === 'true',

module.exports = withBundleAnalyzer({
  poweredByHeader: false,
  trailingSlash: true,
  basePath: '/website',
  assetPrefix: '/website/',
  reactStrictMode: true,

But my deployed site still looks wrong and has all these file-not-found errors…

How do I get this to deploy properly???

@Jimb0 I understand you’re encountering issues but it looks like you’ve posted this in the wrong place.

This isn’t a general web development help forum but is specifically for getting support with Netlify.

Since you’re using Next it’d probably be best to get support from the Vercel community:

Best of luck!

@nathanmartin I do not understand what you mean by this.

@Jimb0 You’re asking for help to get a Next.js based site to work on GitHub Pages.

This forum is for Netlify and their products/services.

GitHub Pages is a product of GitHub.

Next.js is a product of Vercel.

Netlify doesn’t run Github Pages nor do they produce Next.js.

Since your request for assistance doesn’t involve Netlify it would be better to ask the support of one of the companies/communities that are involved, so at Vercel, GitHub Pages, or even somewhere generic like Stack Overflow.