Newbie Question: Login With Netlify Identity

I followed the steps to use Netlify CMS in my new Hugo Academic site. I added my self as a user and sent the invite. After accepting the invite, I can login in … but after login all I get is the /admin/#/ screen … I can click the login button again, but nothing happens. What am I missing? (I already checked to see if the script was in my static/admin/index.html header … it appears to be there.) What’s next?

Hi @jeredodell and welcome to the community. Can you please share the browser network traffic while trying to login and your config.yml? Specifically if you’re using identity service with git-gateway there should be requests to the get these services settings.

Thanks for the welcoming reply. My config.yml is here: I was able to authenticate this evening, so the problem has been resolved. It must take a day or something …?

Thanks for reporting back, I’ve seen this issue being raised a few times already (and solved by just waiting it out). I’ve raised it with out backend team and we’ll continue to investigate.