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New site fails to deploy

Netlify site name: not currently deployed

I am trying to deploy a very simple site (just an index.html file) from Bitbucket. Connecting to Bitbucket and selecting a repo and branch works. All build settings are left as default, but each time I click ‘Deploy Site’, the page throws an error stating:

Looks like something went wrong!

I have 3 other sites that are near identical to this site that work without any issue, so I’m struggling to find the problem.

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the forums @jigsaw

Just to confirm, you are getting to this step and it is failing?

Are you by any chance running BitDefender? Several users have reported issues with it is recent times.

Thanks, @coelmay!

Yeah, it fails at that step, and no not running BitDefender. Running the latest version of Chrome (Version 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (x86_64)) on MacOs Big Sur (V 11.4).

Have a look over this support guide too, confirm that you have either tried, or discounted, the steps in it to rectify this issue.

I assume all your other sites are still working?

I’ve had a run-through those but still having the same issue.

The other sites are still working, but, trying to deploy them again as new sites is failing in the same way.

My only thought is there is a possible issue with the Netlify → Bitbucket link. You might try checking the connections and possibly removing the link between the two and relinking them.

Netlify: https://app.netlify.com/user/settings
Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/account/settings/app-authorizations/

I revoked Netlifys’ authorization with Bitbucket and set it up again, which worked with no issues but no luck unfortunately. Still having the same issue.

I’ve got around the issue temporarily by just dragging the site into Netlify.

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Hey there, @jigsaw :wave:

Thanks for updating us with your workaround. As you now have gotten around the issue, do you have further questions at this time? If you are ready to proceed forward, I can mark this thread as solved. Let us know!

Hey @hillary!

Happy for the thread to be marked as solved, thanks!

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