New redirects not working on live site

Hi, we have an issue at the moment where we’ve tried adding a couple of redirects to our live site but they’re not working and instead display a page saying the requested one wasn’t found. However, trying the same redirects on my local build of the site works correctly.

The redirects we’ve added are:
/facebook-groups /news-stories/#groups 301!
/exploreideas /ideas/#explore 301!

We’ve also tried variations of the above, such as “/facebook-groups#groups /news-stories 301!” but they didn’t work either. I’ve read through the redirects troubleshooting guide and tried what was applicable, but it and other answers haven’t resolved the issue.

Live site:


The redirects appear to be working correctly for me, were you able to get this figured out?

The redirects are partially working now, they go to the correct page but they don’t scroll to the section (#groups and #explore)


I’m unsure how that post helps resolve this issue? I’m unclear if you’re saying we should move the broken redirect rules into netlify.toml or into _redirects?

We are currently setting the values in _redirects to the ones I’ve listed as described in that ticket, which means that the server is sending the #explore to the client to navigate to instead of the other way around, which that ticket mentions as well. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated

Hi, @digitalbv. Have you tried downloading the deploy?

I ask because when I do so and examine the _redirects file, it contains this:

/facebook-groups /news-stories/ 301!

The _redirects file itself is missing the anchor tag #groups. Netlify isn’t sending it because the _redirects file doesn’t include it. We are only sending what is in the file and the file doesn’t have the anchor.


Thank you for your help, checking the _redirects file as suggested we ended up finding that our code was stripping the anchors from URLs. This has now been resolved.