New image and non-cached Ruby version defaults

The latest build image (in beta) doesn’t default to a Ruby version that’s already installed, so if you have no use for Ruby, you need to wait on it to install for no reason:

8:52:38 AM: Attempting ruby version 2.7.1, read from environment
8:52:39 AM: 
8:52:39 AM: ** WARNING **
8:52:39 AM: Using custom ruby version 2.7.1, this will slow down the build.
8:52:39 AM: To ensure fast builds, set the RUBY_VERSION environment variable, or .ruby-version file, to an included ruby version.
8:52:39 AM: Included versions: 2.6.2 2.7.2

I solved it by setting an env var of RUBY_VERSION=2.7.2 in the admin UI and this behaves as is probably desired. Would be good if the image defaulted to a version it already has? Maybe something else I’m using is causing this? Can provide site detail out of band if it’s needed.

hi there, thanks for pointing this out. Hopefully one of our engineers can weigh in and tell us whether this is expected or not!

Hi, @embarrassment-setup. The log lines you posted show the opposite of what you say. They show a custom version of Ruby being used because it is being specified:

8:52:38 AM: Attempting ruby version 2.7.1, read from environment

If you send us a link to that deploy we can confirm if this is the case or not. If the environment variable is being set to change this, we can show you where the Ruby version is being set and how to remove that setting.