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New function in Post Editor

Hi to everybody,
not sure I select the right category…anyway… I try to propose a new requirement to the post editor.
I’m using Netlify to publish (I’m at the very beginning) some posts related to very specific technical arguments, which imply the writing of many math formula and I see that ther is no support for this notation in the post editor. Is it possible in the future add some functionalities like for example in Libreoffice writer where it’s possible adding formulas with trigonometric function, exponential and so on? Also adding the possibility to write Greek letter (for angles denomination) would be very useful.
Thanks a lot

Hey Andrea!
I think what you could be looking for is creating a custom widget, you can modify existing ones or create the new from scratch. You’d be able to have all your custom functionality.

See here for more information on those: https://www.netlifycms.org/docs/custom-widgets/

You might be able to use a library such as: https://katex.org/

Or as an alternative you might be able to use one of the following websites to create an image relating to the formula and then serve the image instead? Not ideal though.