Network Solutions domain hosted on Netlify. Name servers pointed to Netlify but site not linking

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I have pointed the nameservers on Network solutions to the Netlify nameservers:
Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 11.58.20

When doing a dig I don’t get a response from the NS:

% dig NS +trace            

; <<>> DiG 9.10.6 <<>> NS +trace
;; global options: +cmd
;; Received 28 bytes from fe80::a6ce:daff:fe38:5994%15#53(fe80::a6ce:daff:fe38:5994%15) in 15 ms

The whois lookup results came back with the correct nameservers:

whois | grep -i "name server"
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server: DNS1.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P02.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P02.NSONE.NET

So I think my DNS zone is inactive somehow but don’t know how to fix this. I had it working a few months ago by some fluke but when the SSL certificate wouldn’t renew I tried to fix the server directioning so that the SSL would work but this seems to have broken everything.

The issue is this

$ whois | grep DNSSEC
DNSSEC: signedDelegation

Netlify does not support DNSSEC as noted here and here.

If you wish to use Netlify DNS:

  1. Remove the Netlify name servers, replacing them with those of your registrar.
  2. Disable DNSSEC
  3. Once disabled, follow the procedure for adding the domain to Netlify again.

If you wish to have DNSSEC enabled:

  1. Remove the Netlify name servers, replacing them with those of your registrar.
  2. Remove the domain from Netlify DNS.
  3. Configure the domain using external DNS configuration
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