NetlifyCMS on custom domain - do i have to redeploy?

Hi all,

I setup NetlifyCMS on my Netlify domain while I was re-developing my website and now I have added a custom domain name so its live.

But now when I go to /admin/ it won’t let me login using the login details I used when I accessed it via

Does this mean that for me to add content, I will always have to visit

Or is there something I need to do make my existing login work on my custom domain?

Thanks in advance and I hope I made sense!

Hi Juan,

Shouldn’t have to, no, but you might need to redeploy your site after changing its URL since some internal proxying we do to enable identity/git gateway may need to be refreshed in a way that only happens at deploy time. If that doesn’t help, we would need to know your actual site to take a look and help out. You could give us your site’s API ID from the general settings page if you don’t want to mention the URL here, but that also prevents anyone not on our staff from advising you so keep that in mind based on your urgency level :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris,

That was the issue and redeploying fixed it.

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