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NetlifyCMS Nuxt Template cannot be deployed


I receive this error since friday, when trying to deploy to netlify.
I tried it multiple times within the last days.

See also Deploy to Netlify - Error · Issue #59 · Knogobert/ntn-boilerplate · GitHub

Is it an issue on netlify?

Thank you for any help.

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Hi @sven-wtfoxtrot,

Are you still seeing this issue? I had seen someone write in the helpdesk about the same repo and I had tried it back then and tried it again now and it works fine for me.

If you’re still seeing an issue, could you share a HAR file to us? Record one when you’re trying to connect this template. It could contain sensitive information, so don’t share it publicly.

I found a workaround and copied the template manually and did not try it again.
The issue may still exists.

The issue can be closed.

I just tested this again, as I too was experiencing this issue before. But now it works again.
Close away!