NetlifyCMS Error: Failed to load config.yml (404)

Netlify site name: epic-sinoussi-b30cfb
URL of error:

When I visit the URL provided above, it tells me…

Error loading the CMS configuration

Config Errors:

Error: Failed to load config.yml (404)

Check your config.yml file.

But it doesn’t provide any clues as to what is wrong with my config.yml.

I am using the same exact config.yml and file structure that is used on and it works on that site. So I don’t understand what the issue is.

I installed netlify-cms-app & gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms using yarn on the site and added gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms to my plugins in the gatsby-config.js file the same way that it was done on chronoblog and made sure to add the src/netlifycms/cms.js file that it uses as well. And I copied all the files in its content folder.

Oh and I also made sure to enable Identity and Git Gateway for the site in it’s Netlify settings as well as added GitHub & Google as external providers.

Not sure if they helps but when I use gatsby develop to serve this site locally and try to visit the admin page it gives me this error instead…

Error loading the CMS configuration

Config Errors:

TypeError: Expected [K, V] tuple: <

Check your config.yml file.

Are you able to tell what might be causing this issue? I am completely lost. Everything else on the site works including the posts I copied over from chronoblog. Here is an example of one.

I also made my repo public for now so you can take a look at all my files to see if you can find what I did wrong. Here is the link to it



Try renaming config.yaml to config.yml:

Whoops that was the issue, thanks!

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