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Netlify with a external custom domain, hide netlify host

Sorry I’m new with web development, domains, dns, redirects, CNAME and stuff like that.
I have a custom domain registered in an external service, let say “coolinternet.com”, and I have a netlify project deployed in, let say, “https://epic-adventure-a0llea.netlify.app”, and I set up netlify custom domain with CNAME, A name, bla bla, such that if I browse “coolinternet.com” I see the content of “https://epic-adventure-a0llea.netlify.app”.
Is there a way to hide “https://epic-adventure-a0llea.netlify.app” from the internet and expose only “coolinternet.com”?

Hi @albertlkj

There is no way to hide the netlify.app domain. You can, however, redirect any traffic that visits that domain to your primary (custom) domain using a domain-level redirect.