Netlify took down all my deployed sites and can't login to my account

I have not been able to access links all my deployed sites on netlify. Example is

I have also tried to login to my account as I connected it to my GitHub account but got Authentication error instead.
I have also tried logging in through email and password but all efforts fail to help.



your sites were suspended as they were reported for fraudulent activity and copyright infringement by a third party and found to be in violation of our terms of service:

They will not be reinstated and we will not reactivate your account.

Thanks for the response, but this can’t be true as I always write and deploy my codes from scratch myself.

Kindly look into this because am confused as am not expecting this in any way.

Thanks once again.

Hi, @iphenom. I have created a support ticket and shared more details about the reason for account suspension.

Please feel free to reply to us in the ticket. If you don’t receive an email about it (ticket #45389) then please reply here to let us know. The email was sent to the same email address used for this community forum login.

Thanks, I’ve checked my mail and responded.
Thanks once again.