Netlify thinks custom domain was registered through external provider when it was registered through Netlify

Netlify site name:
custom domain:

Hello! I recently created a site and wanted to have a custom domain for it. In the past, I’d used google domains, but since that is EOL, I thought I’d try Netlify’s custom domain service and purchased the domain through Netlify’s custom domain service.

However, I can’t get an SSL certificate as it appears to think that was registered externally, and not through Netlify. I tried verifying this by running dig in bash (on mac) and this was the response:

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 512
;			IN	A

gay.			900	IN	SOA 1688692267 1800 300 604800 1800

So the domain provider is GoDaddy? This is an issue as I cannot go to my domain registrar and change my domain’s name servers to the Netlify’s custom hostnames assigned to my DNS zone by Netlify, as I didn’t purchase the domain through GoDaddy and I don’t have a GoDaddy account.

Overall, the main issue appears to be that Netlify believes was registered externally when it wasn’t.

Thank you


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It’s clearly not regitered from Netlify, there’s no record of this domain existing on whois! I don’t believe the domain is registered at all.