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Netlify support for wildcard domains with SSL and custom domains with SSL

I have a DNS challenge and after going through forums I think Netlify pro may be the answer. I just want to verify it with someone before I upgrade my account.

So I have SaaS app, and I want to have subdomain per customer. The domain must use SSL and be accessible instantly. So I figured I need wildcard domain and wildcard SSL certificate.

Can I create a record like this and then access same site using this domain *.myapp.pl for example ?:

  • tenant1.myapp.pl
  • tenant2.myapp.pl

Also, I want to give an option to my customers to use their own domain.
So customer1.com or app.customer1.com.

Can you please confirm whether this is possible with Netlify free or pro plan ?


Hi @zachu90

Based on your post I recommend read over the following support guide [Support Guide] Best practices for using your customers' hostnames on the Netlify site you build for them which states