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Netlify split testing cannot see my branches

Split testing cant find my branches I already enabled the branch deploy controls as its required.

but the split testing is still disabled

Hi @gilbertlucas46,

Which site is this regarding?

Hi @hrishikesh

this site

I am not seeing any of those branches published. Have you deployed after adding those branches?

To be sure, you need to deploy those branches at least once for the split testing to be available.

I deployed two of my new branch

Hi @gilbertlucas46,

It’s not a branch deploy. You’re probably changing the production branch and deploying it which will not work. Split testing needs 2 different branches to be deployed at the same time.

this is my settings

my github branches

Hi @gilbertlucas46,

I can see that you’ve been changing the production branch for the website and not really deploying a branch deploy. Now that you’ve added the branches in the UI, you need to trigger a push to them and Netlify will build for those branches. Then you can add them in split testing.