Netlify sites not loading in Kenya

I’m currently based in Kenya, and found that a few Netlify hosted sites often have issues loading where I am. (my personal website) (@philhawksworth shared this with me a few months ago)

However if I go to:, my personal website loads

Additionally, if I use VPN and swap the Country to somewhere else like Canada or USA, the domain websites start loading.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Not sure, wouldn’t expect that behavior! Could you give us some more details to troubleshoot?

  1. tell me how the site load fails in more detail? What errors do you see in the browser?
  2. what does host return from a command prompt? and host, and also host (all 3 are configured differently on our side, so all 3 answers would be useful)
  3. if you try reaching the sites from a different network - e.g. your cellphone instead of your broadband connection, or from a friend who uses a different network provider - do things work differently?

My expectation is that this is an ISP-level problem rather than a country-specific problem, so trying to see if we can get a test to confirm/deny it :slight_smile: