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Netlify sites are slow

Hey! I’m from Russia, Moscow.

Netlify.com and my sites don’t always load. Sometimes the site loads for 1-2 minutes and gives out a timeout, and sometimes it loads instantly. Sometimes the site loaded but didn’t get all the assets (I’ve attached a screenshot, look at the loading bar, it never ends until I reload the site. In the same second, I opened other sites and a site on the Gatsby Cloud, and they opened instantly.)

I looked at the Network tab in the developer tools and there the request is in the Pending state.

This happens in different browsers, from different devices, as well as from home and mobile Internet (different providers).

When I deploy these same sites on the Gatsby Cloud, they do not experience such problems.

My sites on Netlify:

Help please.

Hi @someoneof,

It could help if you can share a HAR file recording, so we could check accordingly.

What is HAR? Thank you.

This would answer the question:


Hi @someoneof,

The HAR file shows that the URLs simply timed out. Unfortunately that’s not a lot of info to debug. However, could you try using a VPN to see if the websites load fine?


More information: sometimes the site does not load in the Chrome browser, but loads in Firefox. And vice versa.

Can you recommend a VPN?

As long as you’re getting connection timed out error, I’d believe the browser is not too relevant.

Any VPN should do fine - free/paid extension-standalone or even an online proxy. We just need to test if you can access the websites fine once you’re able to bypass your ISP.

VPN does not fix the problem.

Interesting. Is it still connection timed out?

Could you share another HAR file in which it actually connects to the website? That might actually have a lot more info.