Netlify sitemap plugin and excludes

Hello I am a #netlify-newbie and thus far I :heart: netlify. Today I started playing around with the new Netlify Build-Plugins (beta).

I am working on moving a site from WordPress to Eleventy so I decided to use the It works great!

However, I’m also using Netlify CMS and I am wondering is it possible to exclude the /admin login from the sitemap?

I googled around and checked the community before posting but I didn’t have much luck. Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you.

Hi @adamdjbrett, welcome to the Netlify community. I took a look at the source code of that plugin and it seems that it just finds all the HTML pages without any extra logic:

I suppose the best way forward is to open up a feature request in the repository, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement a regex that excludes certain paths.

Hey @adamdjbrett

Welcome to Netlify & the JAMStack!

Ask and you shall receive! I’ve added support for exclusions in the sitemap plugin.

Install the latest version and you will be able to set exclude option. See the exclude docs here

npm install @netlify/plugin-sitemap@0.2.0 --save-dev

Have a good day :smiley:


Damn that was quick! Nice :ok_hand:

Thank you so much for adding exclusions to the sitemap that is wonderful. Is there a projects board for the plugin? Because it would be great if future versions could respect Netlify Pretty URLs and/or YAML frontmatter permalinks.

Seriously thank you so much.

Hey Adam! I’d suggest you file a feature request on the repo directly (or submit a PR yourself if you had ideas on implementation)- I think that most of the netlify-labs projects are not quite at the level of having a project board yet :wink:

The sitemap plugin has been updated to automatically use Pretty URLs

Pretty urls means: being turned into being turned into

Users can opt out with the prettyURLs config option

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