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Netlify Site Not Working

Hello Everyone,
I have been facing issues with my netlify site.
I manually deployed my “build” folder today from my react-app using netlify to create a site and also brought a domain name for it.
But when I am trying to go to go to that website, it is not showing any data.
I am a newbie programmer, please help me fix this as soon as possible as I have paid for the domain.

Site Link - https://www.unipanprofiles.com/
Source-Code - GitHub - pranav-2002/Unipan-Profiles: Unipan Profiles Pvt Ltd

Hey @pranav-2002 Welcome to Netlify forums!

This is not an issue with DNS since your site is loading… I will remove that tag now.

Can you please post your deploy log?

Hey Kyle,
This is my deploy log -
10:40:43 PM: Creating deploy upload records 10:40:43 PM: Starting post processing 10:40:43 PM: Post processing - HTML 10:40:43 PM: Post processing - header rules 10:40:43 PM: Post processing - redirect rules 10:40:43 PM: Post processing done 10:40:43 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

Is that the entire deploy log? Sorry it just looks way to small for a react app.

Yeah I found this in the Netlify website.(inside the production section)

Seems like react is not being run at all. Can you post your build settings please.

Here’s what that looks like

Everything is trying to load from the /Unipan-Profiles/ sub-directory @pranav-2002

<script src="/Unipan-Profiles/static/js/main.d07ec17a.chunk.js"></script>

Remove the homepage line from your package.json, redeploy, and it should work fine.

"homepage": "http://pranav-2002.github.io/Unipan-Profiles",
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Hi Coel May,
Thank you so much for the help, I didn’t realise that we had to remove the homepage in the package.json file.
The issue is fixed now and the site is working properly. I really appreciate all the help from the Netlify team.

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Create React App docs state

If you skip it, your app will not deploy correctly.

when publishing to GitHub Pages. If serving from the domain root, it is not (necessarily) required. It is important if you are serving the app from a /path/ on your domain (e.g. example.com/my-react-app/) however.

Yeah, got it, thanks for the help.