Netlify site continues to load...Netlify settings issue or back end?

Hello Netlify Support! I am attempting to set up a site which deploys from Github. I am using a custom domain which i purchased on Netlify. after going throught the set up process, when going to the URL for my site, it continues to clock in a loading screen…any thoughts on what could be behind this issue? Thank you, greatly appreciated.

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Hey @PencilsDown

Suggest this issue is nothing to do with Netlify based on the error message displayed in developer tools:

@coelmay - appreciate the help!..however, i’m searching for how i can apply this fix…
Thank you

In the app.js is the line

welcomeP.innerHTML = welcome_p;

The error message above it telling you that the variable welcome_p is not defined. As you haven’t defined it anywhere in the script, the script is failing. This is unlike welcome_h1 or welcome_h2 which are both defined in constants.js

@colemay - thank you! i fixed it