Netlify reply doesn't match local build

I have an Eleventy portfolio site that has a selection of featured work that I can put in a specific order.

This works on my local build, but when I deploy to Netlify, it shows them in reverse date order rather than the order I specify in the front matter.

Any thoughts on what could be happening?

hi there, do you have a site we can look at? are you sure your changes are getting committed and deployed?

Yes it’s

All commits are on GitHub and being deployed when a new commit is made.

hi there, i took a look at your site, but i am not sure i am seeing what you are describing. Have you been able to resolve the issue?

Hi, it’s not resolved - I’ve tried a couple of different things but neither worked. ]

The first item in the list of three images should actually be the last. It behaves properly on my local build, but not once Netlify deploys.

hi there @banjo-design , without something to compare the broken to the functional version to or more insight into your code, i’m not exactly sure what we might recommend, here, unfortunately.

Sometimes when people experience different behaviour on their deployed site vs. their local one, it is an issue of case, or browser extensions interfering.

can you read the guide below and see if its applicable? are you sure your deploys are actually going through? does the behaviour correct itself when the site is viewed in an incognito window?

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I’ve figured it out, I was missing some front matter for organising the item order. My local build seemed to be more forgiving than the Netlify deploy!


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