Netlify redirect rules serviing my index.html as bundle.js


I’m using Netlify DNS to serve It works quite nicely when navigating to the root domain, but some of the redirects seem to be off.

Here is my _redirects file:

/*   /index.html   200

When I navigate to (so two levels deep in routing) it finds the correct index.html but when it looks up bundle.js, it also serves index.html as bundle.js.

In this screenshot, you can see that the content of bundle.js is index.html.

This does not happen, on the other hand, when navigating to index.html - everything is hunky dory and it finds bundle.js no problem.

Do I need to modify my redirect rules here to find the correct bundle.js when I have a multi-segment path, or is this a bug on Netlify’s side?


I cannot load any of the two URLs you’ve shared above. First gives from errors in console, second seems to be a Firebase 404 page.