Netlify Plugin Contextual Env not installing dependencies

Hey gang.

Using Gatsby, I configured netlify-plugin-env in the netlify.toml file and configured branch-prefixed environment variables in the Netlify admin. The subdomain build fails when deploying to staging branch, but works locally.

  package = 'netlify-plugin-env'
    mode = 'prefix'

Example variable configured: STAGING_CONTENTFUL_ACCESS_TOKEN

Is this a beta issue with the plugin or am I configuring something wrong?


Anyone have any experience with this plugin and it not building correctly? Looking for other points of failure but not seeing any.

Appreciate ANY help…thanks!

Hi @matthewamundson,

It appears there is no npm package called netlify-plugin-env. Is the plugin you would like to install netlify-plugin-contextual-env instead?

@ehmicky I did try that as well cause I noticed the package name previously…but that also results in an error.

Hi @matthewamundson,

Thanks for reporting this. We just fixed the bug.
This should be released soon, I will post an update when it is.

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Hi there!

We have released a fix. Could you please confirm whether this is now working?