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Netlify Performace Issue

We have our website https://blog.vantagecircle.com/ deployed in Netlify and we are using Ghost and Gatsby. We get a message as “Reduce initial server response time” while doing an audit in Lighthouse. And we also tried deploying on Vercel, however there we don’t get this message. There are many visitors in the blog but we are unable to rectify this performance issue. Is it something that we should consider using High-Performance Edge with the Business Plan? Can we get some support from the Netlify team on this? Thank you.

Hi @sdroy23

I wonder what scores you are getting. This is the result I got running Lighthouse on your site

This is the score for mobile view for this link- https://blog.vantagecircle.com/leadership-styles/

And also we get this message

Yes, I received a similar score when specifically testing that page (and not the main page).

However, after initial page load, this is what I see (on desktop)

Which quite possibly has something to do with

This may or may not contribute to your scores. Even if this is not a contributing factor, I cannot see your content.

Just tested on my mobile. Site loads very quickly. Still get blank screen though.

It is loading at my end. But yes, sometimes we do get a blank screen. I have no clue why we get this blank screen at initial load sometimes. Any idea? And also that error is not showing in the console.

Page does not go blank when visiting /tag/<tag-name>, only on /<post-name> pages. It is always

ReferenceError: Popup8 is not defined

Not having seen your code, I can only speculate what that relates to (a popup perhaps?)

Yes…it’s a popup. Can you tell us what are the things we should consider for this message-
Reduce initial server response time ?

It’s covering your content rendering your post pages unreadable.

Probably not.

Pagespeed Insights will show mobile results first which are often worse than desktop. They mention

If you are server-side rendering any React components, consider using renderToNodeStream() or renderToStaticNodeStream() to allow the client to receive and hydrate different parts of the markup instead of all at once. Learn more.