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Netlify not working with my domain

So i have been trying to put up my new site using Github and Freenom.
Ive put everything up on netlify and how it should be ive checked with different youtube videos. The domain Netlify gives me works but my custom one does not. Its been about 24 hours now and im not sure whats happening. Can anyone help me please?

Hi @PhillOfficial

If you can provide your Netlify site name and the domain you are trying to connect to it, others can certainly provide you with assistance.

Domain Name is: firewallstorage.ml and firewallstorage.gq

My Site name is firewallstorage

Both firewallstorage.ml and firewallstorage.gq are configured and pointing to firewallstorage.netlify.app. I see the same page with all three which is simply the text

Please do [domain]/server1(or 2,3)/(image title).png

Hmm, Whenever i come on and check my custom domains dont work. Let me try to clear my cache from those domains and take a look. I will reply with what happened. Im guessing its an issue on my side though.

Ive checked both of my custom domains and it just comes up and says “This site cant be reached” and this error message: “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

If you look at DNS Checker for firewallstorage.ml and firewallstorage.gq you can see NS propagation is complete so I suggest it something to do with your device(s)/network/router/etc.

Have you tried a different browser, private/incognito window, different device, different network? Do you have a device on a cellular network that you can try?

Alright, Thanks for your help.
I will take a look and if i need anything else ill let you know.