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Netlify not building on push since 3:45pm? 713/21

Netlify not building on push since 3:45pm? 713/21

Writing a detailed post will help us solve your issue quicker.

Can you clearly describe the issue you are facing.

Generally speaking we need these details to do any kind of troubleshooting:

  • Netlify Domain (.netlify.app)
  • Git Repo if you have one
  • Latest deploy logs (either copy and pasted or linked to)


Thanks. Two apps: hopeful-brown-b3307a & serene-goldwasser-9b1760, both pulling from gitlab, and have been building when I push for a month or more. Since today at 3:45pm they no longer build on a push – I have to manually trigger a deployment (which is successful). There are no logs, because the deployments aren’t kicking off. No settings changed, bandwith is at 152M/100G, build minutes are at 144/,300 concurrent deployments are 0/1, I can’t figure out what happened…

Seems like an issue with continuous integration. Can you check that this is showing in the admin UI under “deploys”.

With main replaced with the branch you are pushing to.

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I’ve been having the same issue starting at the same time as indicated in the subject here.
The problem also occurs on GitLab integrations.

I can confirm that the “Auto Publishing” is on and that the projects we’re working on previously.

I did see some progress earlier today. It was basically working normally again (push & merge requests were triggering deployments); But then it stopped working again.

Hope this information is helpful,

Something cleared – All 9 of the pushes built starting at ~ 6:20pm

I hope whatever that was can be captured in the Status page next time

Thanks for all you do !

It did clear again just now, but the issue is still present.
Tasks seem to queue up and deploy in chain whenever the service gets back.

Supposition The big N is enjoying a urge in popularity - the resources allocated to the free tier are bing overwhelmed as devs keep pushing over and over trying to get a response.

I think I’ll trigger builds if they don’t run, rather than pushing again. Manual deploys seemed to succeed.

Hi, @ajoslin103 and @fcisio. There are issues occurring and they do appear on the status page - just not on our status page.

The incidents are on GitLab’s status page because that is where they are occurring:



Thanks @luke - I really appreciate it ! Especially a pointer to the root cause.

I wonder if the Netlify status page could add links to GitLab, GitHub, & BitBucket status pages?




Obviously, it’d be very cool if an indicator of that service’s actual status was included

Thanks for all you do!


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Thanks for these suggestions, @ajoslin103! I will share them with our team.

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