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Netlify & Name.com name servers & DNS setup

My site:

Hi, I tried following the instructions from the guide below, hoping to setup Netlify DNS with a custom domain that is currently registered at Name.com:

Alas, I’m still getting an error “A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1”

Hi @flaviogaete,

I’ve replied to your thread in the helpdesk. Do let us know if you don’t see the email.

HI, @flaviogaete. The only remaining concerns is that you have the apex domain set as primary here:


Our documentation about apex and www subdomains says this:

Unless your DNS provider supports CNAME flattening for apex domains, we strongly recommend setting the www subdomain (or another subdomain) as your primary domain . Our blog post How to Set Up Netlify DNS has more details on why we recommend that configuration.

To summarize, unless you promote the www subdomain to be the primary custom domains, you site will only be served from a single IP address and never use the full global CDN.

Besides that one issue, though, the DNS configuration for that site’s domain name is otherwise correct now.