Netlify Large Media breaks CMS media viewer and uploader

Since enabling Large Media support for my account, the Netlify CMS no longer accepts image uploads or selections and an unspecified error appears in the console when the media modal is brought up. Large media appears on the netlify dashboard as expected and builds all work as expected so the issue seems to be sequestered to the CMS.

Hey there! Sorry to hear that - I’ll need a bit of info to try to understand what’s happening. Can you share the following:

  • your CMS config
  • version of the CMS that you’re using (prints to console on load)
  • Screenshot or paste of the error in the console

Thank you for your time, erquhart!

CMS versions
netlify-cms-app 2.9.5
netlify-cms-core 2.12.1
netlify-cms 2.9.5

The config is quite large (900 lines so here’s a gist but here are the most relevant portions:)

  name: git-gateway
  branch: master
  use_large_media_transforms_in_media_library: false
media_folder: public/uploads
public_folder: /uploads
  encoding: "ascii"
  clean_accents: true

The console error:

TypeError: "t is undefined"
cms %5E2.9.2/dist/netlify-cms.js:234

Any help is appreciated!

Have you set up Git LFS in your repo?

Yes, Large Media is set up and working as expected and adding files via Git also works as expected.

Hey - sorry for the late reply, I’ll keep an eye out for further responses. Trying creating a new site w/ large media now, will follow up.

Things seem to be working okay. Can you provide steps to reproduce?