Netlify IP address for adding empty A record

Dear Netlify,

I would like to point my domain to my Netlify site. To do this, my domain provider asked me to provide a corresponding IP address for adding an empty A record.

My domain is a 4th level domain of my organisation, my IT colleague also told me that is is an apex domain. in particular, it looks like this I wonder if point 3 of this documentation is appropriate in this regard? such that the IP address required by my domian provider is thank you.


Hey @fdq09eca,

You can do it that way but it’s not optimal and it’s hard for us to support since it doesn’t really use our CDN. We recommend using a subdomain as your primary domain, so in your case:, and using a CNAME record to point that whole thing to the subdomain that Netlify automatically creates for you ( Here’s a longer article on why:

That said, if you have a delegated subdomain with an SOA, you probably can’t put a CNAME on it. If that’s the case, you should point an A name at our load balancer as you described above. You’ll be able to tell if you have an SOA by running the following command and checking for SOA in the output:

$ host -t soa

To give an example of this command with a delegated subdomain:

$ host -t soa

will return: has SOA record 2020031634 3600 1800 604800 1800

Hope that wasn’t TMI! Let us know how it goes and if we can answer any other questions on this :slight_smile:

it sounds like i do have the delegated subdomain with an SOA. but after I request they add an empty A record with Netlify said Custom_domain is owned by another account. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi, @fdq09eca, I believe we replied to this question via an email earlier today. If there are still questions about this, please let us know.