Netlify Identity users use in across project

hello guys, it seems netlify identity is different for each project.

if i had registered 1 user identity for project A, then can i use that user-auth-data to project B ? can netlify identity used across project/website ?

i wanted to create 2 ecommerces website, but they dont need to create 2 accounts, instead 1 account can be use for both sites.

when i use identity, i need database for storing the email and their password right ? correct me please

Hello @dellwatson, each of your netlify-hosted site will have its own Identity instance, so if one person is logged in to projectA, the token for that will not work for projectB.

As for your other question, you don’t need to set up your own database to use Netlify Identity. Our system will host the Identity instance and anything else it needs. You just need to provide a way to log in (e.g. using Netlify-Identity-Widget).

Let me know if that helps answer your questions.