Netlify Identity ReactJS PrivateRoute Inquiry

Hello! My name is Kevin. Just want to say thanks to this page I started ReactJS, Netlify and Faunadb development ( personal use only for now ). I do have a question though… I am trying to show an “Admin” page one one is signed in/logged in. I’m just coming to a wall that has me pulling my hair out. LoL… If that something that could work, right? I’m using Netlify’s Identity as authorization and PrivateRoute. All of my code is on CodeSandBox, pushing to GitHub and deploying on Netlify. I appreciate your assistance on this. Thank you once again!!!

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the kind words

You can use Netlify identity and a router to protect app routes.

Here is an example implementation

The live site can be seen here:

The route is protected and shown to only logged in folks.

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