Netlify Identity Password Reset not working with Nuxt JS App

Hi All

I am working on an App built in Nuxt JS using netlify identity (v1.9.2). I have implemented it based on this guide:

The logins/logouts etc work perfectly but when I try to reset a password, I receive the email correctly but when I follow the link, it opens up my home page but the modal to actually reset my password never appears. I can see in the JavaScript console a 404 error trying to hit the following path:


I am assuming this is looking for a function, but it is not something I have created, or seen mentioned in any guides and as it is not working, I am guessing it is not bundled with the Netlify Identity Widget.

Can anyone suggest why this is not working and how I can sort it?

Many thanks

Hey @newmoon,

It’s not a function. It’s a path automatically added by Netlify for Identity requests. Would you be able to share a HAR file recording of this issue? Please share it privately as it would contain sensitive data.

It seems you have signup, login and logout actions set up, but not the other actions (like resetting the password):

Hi @tomrutgers

Thanks for coming back to me. I suspected something similar, however I have looked through both examples I can find online of using the Netlify Identity Widget with Nuxt and neither of them include anything specific about password resets, and I have checked the official documentation for the the Netlify Identity Widget and can’t see anything.

I have also just noticed that if you create a new account, when you follow the link in the confirmation email, it does the same thing as password resets so you now can’t register a site. I know this used to work though which is really strange.

I have even switched to a brand new site in Netlfiy in case there was an issue with the identity instance but still not change.

I am not sure what else to try.

Many thanks

Hey @newmoon :wave: ,

We’ve reviewed this as a team today and agree that the next step is to check and see if the token is being passed in the /.netlify/identity/verify request.

If the token is not passed, you’ll need to find a way to prevent Nuxt from stripping the token from the request as that is likely what’s happening here.

Please keep us posted on how it goes!