Netlify identity crash, CORS policy related

I have a netlify site running on this domain:

Since last week the identity feature raised errors regarding CORS policies. This did not happened in the past, note:

  • The site inlcludes a functions directory for serverless function, none of of those files are throwing a CORS error.
  • I can create a user/pass pair with go-true create method with no error thrown. Meaning at least some methods are not raising any CORS errors.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there, @luismt :wave:

Can you please share the full error message you are receiving?

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Hey @luismt,

Does this seem to be related: Netlify Identity issues for several days and in multiple Identity instances

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Hi @luismt,

We’ve been updated by the team and this should be working now. Can you let us know if you’re still having issues?


Hi, Hillary it seems the issue was resolve during the weekend based on further replies by your teammates.

Yes this was basically the same issue.

Thank you, identity is working properly.

great, so glad to hear everything is working now. Happy building :rocket: